Who Are OCP?

  • A proactive-learning and practice development
    organization operating as a private limited
  • Set up to support change efforts and
    inspire individuals and groups in public,
    private and voluntary organisations to be better leaders.
  • Works with and alongside people to address
    organisational, project and service challenges
    in work or community-based settings.

What Does OCP Do?

Offers clients and their beneficiaries tailored learning and development services which include:

  • Proactive-learning Support Workshops.
  • Leadership Development and Succession     Planning.
  • Evaluation and Monitoring.

   How OCP Can Help You?

Some of the benefits from working with OCP:

  • Will help increase your economic, financial or social
    outcome and impact.
  • Will help improve your service capabilities and offerings to organisations and people.
  • Will help reduce silo working by developing more
    effective project and program led work practices, within, between and across organisations or community-based groups/networks/teams.