Who Are OCP?

Organisation Change Practitioners Ltd (OCP) is a private limited company set up to help individuals, organisations, projects and teams operating in small and medium (SME) as well as  social enterprise businesses, public service and voluntary organisations including small groups,  consortium or networks in ‘community’ and work-based settings.

OCP has helped change the lives of many people working in different work and community-based settings to apply learning and knowledge gained through OCP to their own situation, and also  address issues that they have identified. The focus of such help is to work with people to use learning  for making a difference, in relation to what they do. People have also benefited from having access to the resources of academic institutions, public service organisations, networks, companies and individuals or groups involved in fields from health and regeneration to arts, culture and community development.


OCP & Its Staff

OCPs Founder and Director is Hament Patel, leading on and managing the overall operations, strategic direction and development of the organisation. Hament has over 15 years of professional experience which includes using action focused research to help address leadership, management, human resource development and wider strategic change issues in different settings. His work has helped improve service quality and raise the profile and role of users in various organisations, diversify funding and also help improve the ability of organisations to build on and sustain what they do.

To find out more about Hament  you can click on the LinkedIn icon at the top of the page. You can also follow him via the link to his YouTube channel at the top of the page, which includes an interview with him about why he established OCP. If you wish to speak with Hament and obtain further information about him, do make contact using the number given in this website.

In addition to its Director, OCP also has access to a network of other professionals, trainers and development specialists including different organisations and people with diverse ‘lived experiences’ and cross-sector expertise to help support its work.

What Does OCP Offer Its Client’s & Beneficiaries That Is Different?

OCP has a flexible service approach to delivery learning where people will be given opportunities to work both on their own and together to design, develop and implement their own learning and change processes as part of a comprehensive package of help and support from OCP.

This includes:

  • Enabling people to assess, manage and track the difference made around causes, issues and or services over the longer term, by drawing on multiple perspectives to co-produce knowledge and usable evidence grounded in the experiences of beneficiaries.
  • Facilitating leadership development practices for effective succession planning, in ways that also enables learning to be made to work better, shared and used at different scale of operations, within and beyond immediate formal work settings.
  • Demonstrating how using engaging learning and research approaches together with critical reflection, can provide mutually reinforcing short and longer term economic, financial or social benefits for diverse groups of people.

To find out more about OCPs services and ways of working with clients, go to Our Services.