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Client Feedback & Testimonials For OCP

OCP’s work to date has been with people from different backgrounds who operate at different levels of responsibility as individuals, or as part of projects and teams within work and community based cross-sector settings spanning public service, voluntary and private organisations.

Some of the feedback received includes:


OCP’s Track Record & Notable Achievements

Pro-Active Learning Support Workshops

  • Helping clients utilise learning to better understand, implement and develop new work roles and relationships with both different professionals and also existing and new service users and communities they work alongside.
  • Enabling clients to change mindsets, through engaging with and applying values like social justice, when working with beneficiaries.

Leadership Development & Succession

  • Helped a client to implement professional development courses that foster leadership practices around supporting both current management development of services and wider people succession planning, in ways that will ensure current and future cost savings.
  • Helped a group of workshop participants to develop into a professional support team to more effectively support the work of the client organisation.

Evaluation & Monitoring

  • Helped clients to use information generated from participatory experiential research and evaluation to inform existing services as well as use in funding bids for future work.
  • Implementing approaches to evaluation in ways that gave confidence to people to communicate what difference has and will in the future be made to theirs and their beneficiaries lives by using information resulting from such approaches.