Organisation Change Practitioners (OCP) Ltd
Company Registered in England and Wales. Co Reg. No: 6953450

Companies Standard Terms & Conditions & Quality Assurance Practices

These terms and conditions set out as a basis for negotiation, the Company’s normal working arrangements and its relationship with the client(s), including intermediary client funded firms.

  1. OCP Ltd undertakes to provide the services it agreed with the Client, to an agreed standard of quality with the Client, within an agreed timescale.
  1. Within the conditions set out above, OCP Ltd will be free to use at its discretion to determine the manner, time and place in which work will be carried out. It will also be free to employ other people (sub-contract) on its own terms, to carry out the work, as well as be involved in projects simultaneously. The hours and time specification for work will be discussed, with a view to accommodating the needs of the client(s).
  1. OCP Ltd will be liable to correct any work which is not of the agreed standard of quality at its own expense.
  1. OCP Ltd fees to clients will normally be agreed on the basis of the service to be provided, rather than an hourly, daily or weekly basis, although estimated fees may be based on an hourly, daily or weekly rate.
  1. OCP Ltd fees will be paid in instalments at appropriate intervals throughout the course of the work (normal practice is subject to a 30% advance payment) subject to satisfactory progress by OCP Ltd. An appropriate percentage of the total fee will be retained by the client, subject to the satisfactory completion of work.
  1. Payment to be made with 30 days of submission of account by OCP Ltd; where any payment remaining unpaid thereafter may be subject to interest.
  1. OCP Ltd will provide all necessary learning materials to clients and also endeavour if necessary to produce equipment as appropriate to carry out the work for clients. OCP Ltd will produce and deliver its learning and associated materials in ways that ensure plain English and clear communication in line with practices of the Plain English Campaign. Respect will also be given to embed equalities/and diversity in all its work.
  1. OCP Ltd may carry out work for other clients at the same time, provided that any conflict of interest is declared to the relevant clients.
  1. Copyright in all documentation solely prepared by OCP Ltd shall normally remain the property of OCP Ltd, except that the Client will be entitled to reproduce any documents for their own educational and learning use.
  1. If the agreement is suspended or terminated, OCP Ltd will be entitled to the fees for the services provided to that time, including appropriate payment for any incomplete services.