Overview Of OCP’s Services & Delivery

Whether you a private company or social enterprise, higher education establishment, public service, ‘community’ or voluntary organisation, consortium or network, OCP’s Proactive-learning Support Workshops, Leadership Development and Succession Planning and Evaluation and Monitoring services, can assist clients in the following ways:

  • as part of individual and specific commissioned work.
  • within collaborative joint venture projects.
  • around larger programs of work in a sub-contractual capacity, to staff and others stakeholders.

These services are designed to accommodate both personal and group based learning, which can be delivered locally, regionally, nationally and in international contexts. Such services either delivered individually or together, enables individuals, groups and organisations to strengthen and use their own knowledge and experiences to improve their capabilities and responsiveness, in ways that will produce more viable business and develop more enduring community-based ventures.

OCP Services & Benefits To Clients

Proactive-learning Support Workshops

These workshops are tailored to both build on strengths and address needs worked out prior with both client and where possible participants. The key focus and purpose is to help explore ideas, challenges or problems they themselves have identified and will address, through adapting and using participatory learning and action driven engaged research approaches they have been introduced to.

Some of the benefits participants can expect from attending such workshops will include:

  • Being able to both acquire for themselves and also pass on to others not just useful but really usable knowledge, in ways they or others can act upon immediately without delay.
  • Both gaining and improving confidence to go onto develop and manage projects of different size, scale and complexity, in work-related and other community-based spheres of people’s lives.
  • Gaining greater knowledge to challenge and critically reflect on actions, practices or decisions around change, in ways that will result in service responses that are more customer or citizen-user led.

Leadership Development & Succession

The service is delivered to help clients consider how they can better address in a practical way the role of succession planning in sustaining organisational passion and drive. Also included is, learning about how more dynamic and flexible approaches to leadership can be developed and put into practice to enable this to happen.

Some of the benefits from this service will include:

  • Helping people understand and take the necessary steps to ensure that why their organisation or project exists and what they want to achieve is no lost, when key personnel leave or move on from the organisation.
  • Learning about and doing leadership differently, to enable people to gain confidence in combining their knowledge and wisdom to ensure effective succession plans.
  • Embedding succession planning practices across an entire organisation or project by ensuring legacy in terms of using learning to facilitate positive change, in ways that people feel they own.


Evaluation & Monitoring

The purpose is to enable clients to experience how evaluation and monitoring can be developed in more holistic ways by drawing on multiple perspectives and views, particularly of beneficiaries. Also vital, is to ensure such views are better integrated with the operational delivery/strategic management of clients services.

The potential benefits for clients include:

  • Being better placed to assimilate and use information from evaluating and monitoring a service(s) in ways that will drive wider programme, team and or organisation change efforts.
  • Better designed, delivered and developed services, by undertaking and using information from research and intelligence gathering.
  • More effectively demonstrating what difference is being made over time, by learning about the direct experiences and knowledge of customers, users and or public regarding what is important, as well as helping them to be more involved in change efforts.


The overall benefit for clients in engaging with OCP as a provider is organisations and people will be better placed to learn and achieve more together across different settings and sectors, in ways that will result in more meaningful economic, financial and or social outcomes.

What Does All This Cost?

All fees and payments for OCP Ltd services are negotiated with clients in line with their budgets, expectations and needs.

OCP & Its Service Quality Promise

Our quality promise to clients is explained by clicking on OCP Ltd Client Terms and Conditions.

We are always seeking ways of improving our clients and their beneficiaries experiences of engaging with OCP. To this end extensive prior service baseline assessment, service delivery and post service client and beneficiary feedback is undertaken in ways that ensure value for money and positive change for clients.